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Flip your home renovation sales real estate


We don't want to buy your home, we want to help you sell it for more money!


Flip Your Home™ is a team of real estate and remodeling experts getting sellers maximum profits by connecting investors to pay for renovations.

Why Flip

You own or inherited a home that is or has become too difficult to maintain.  The systems are old, outdated, and potentially unsafe.  You might want to unload the property or retire to an easier life, but can’t sell the house getting the profits you need to move forward.  You might be over your head and feel helpless, but we can help you find the hidden gold hidden in your property.


Flip Your Home™ is a team of real estate professionals, designers, builders, investors and Realtors helping sellers use their property as their investment. They navigate renovation from consultation, investment, to design, construction, marketing and listing properties for sale of the home at top dollar.

Why Invest

With the Flip Your Home™ program investors partner with the homeowner.  The homeowner’s part of the investment is their home: you, as the investor, provide money for the renovations. The profits  get divided between you and the homeowner with a Flip Your Home™ service fee.

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