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Why did we develop Flip Your Home?

The founders of Flip Your Home™ are real estate, investment and construction professionals that have worked with investors and homeowners buying, selling and updating homes for resale.  In working with distressed sellers, we realized that we can get them more money for their homes if we upgraded them first.  So why can't we help everyone do this?


Flip Your Home™ enables us to:


  • Give homeowners access to the profits real estate investors get for a home.

  • Increase inventory to both buy and sell.

  • Keep contractors and construction crews working.

  • Build and design with green ideals keeping in harmony with the community.

  • Provide investors with quality projects to invest in.

  • Sell buyers well-built, quality, renovated homes.


We represent buyers looking for great houses to purchase. When something affordable comes on the market, investors beat our buyers out of deals with all cash offers. When buyers see flipped properties, they are poorly constructed with a cookie cutter style. The flipper increased the value of a home someone lost and took all the profits for themselves. Your loss is their gain. We want to see your house be your investment so you make more money when you sell your home.

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