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Flip Your Home Services

Flip Your Home Team

Flip Your HomeTM will bring our team of experts to identify the best program to meet your objectives.  Be it selling your home quickly, performing a short sale or maximizing your investment to get the most money, we will present you with options to meet your goals.


We try to work within the design parameters of each individual home.  We offer different plans depending on the comparable houses in the neighborhood and the goals, time and money available for each project.

invest sell flip your home

Our contractors are vetted and are chosen for their skill and dependablity.  All are licensed and bonded.  From an "A-level" upgrade for a luxury custom home to a "C-level" FHA clean-up, Flip Your Home's contractors get the construction done on time and on budget.


A marketing strategy is put in place before your home is remodeled. Changes made to your home will reflect the buyers in your neighborhood and the overall common needs of those target buyers. 


We have created this system so you can upgrade your home for resale at NO COST TO YOU. If your home qualifies for the “flip” we will make financing available for your home’s upgrade. 

Real Estate Sales:

We strive to list your property at the price projected in the original proposal.  (Markets will ultimately decide the price of the house.)  We will prepare and market to make sure your home is sold for the best possible price in the least amount of time.

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